Nikos Michalopoulos is the Digital Champion of Greece.


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Nikos Michalopoulos is the Director General of the Directorate of Administrative Reforms and e-Government of the Ministry of Interior and Public Reconstruction. His responsibility is to ensure that e-government is spread across the Greek public administration. He also coordinates projects on digital policy interconnection and the re-use of information and open data.

Mr Michalopoulos believes that ensuring a fully-fledged e-governement means ensuring the infrastructure so the government can offer e-services that are easily accessible to citizens and enterprises. The department he heads has the overall responsibility of e-government policy and it is setting up horizontal teams to ensure the e-government priorities are met. Emphasis is given to the coordination and cooperation among the organisational structures such as ministries, hospitals, public entities to avoid delays and duplications.

The Greek Digital Champion mentions five projects which are crucial for the achievement of the e-government strategy. The aims of the projects are:

  • to establish a single system to manage human resources in all public administrations.
  • to ensure rational management and maintenance of informatics infrastructures of the agencies of the general government.
  • to develop internet services between the different informatics systems of the agencies and public administration.

The focus is to enhance cooperation between agencies and to ensure interoperability between them as well as to have a smooth interface with citizens and business.

We are also developing a common system for finance and fiscal management to support the development, implementation and monitoring of public budgeting as well as to enhance the coordination of fiscal policy. Finally, we are establishing a single information system throughout the whole public administration. The idea is for citizens and business to reach us through a call centre, the internet or one-stop-shops.