Ondrej Felix is the Digital Champion for the Czech Republic. His main priorities are on e-government, cloud and internet for seniors. In particular, interoperability across national and regional boundaries.


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Ondrej Felix is the Chief Architect of the Czech Republic e-Government. He says his first priority as Digital Champion is the improvement of the cross-border interoperability of e-government systems.

I want to push for more investment in this field, with electronic identification systems (eID) as a priority. The Czech Republic has recently improved the internal interoperability between different regions within its national boundaries, so it is now time to build on what has been done, and move a step further.

Cloud computing is the second subject on his agenda. Mr Felix believes these technologies are extremely promising and he wants to promote a few key projects with a clear focus on open data systems.

It is a great opportunity to create a base for effective delivery of shared services both in private and public companies.

Another big issue I want to tackle is the internet for seniors. I see the real need for grandparents to be connected to their grandchildren, especially given that increasing mobility amongst young Europeans means children and their grandparents increasingly live in different countries. Consequently, we strongly support the proposed reforms to create a Connected Continent.

Ondrej Felix on his priorities