Saskia Van Uffelen
Saskia van Uffelen is the CEO of Ericsson Belux as well as Digital Champion of Belgium. Her three priorities are e-education, e-commerce and e-skills.


saskia.van.uffelen [at] telenet [dot] be

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Saskia van Uffelen is the CEO of Ericsson BeLux and the Digital Champion of Belgium.  Saskia aims to get all Belgians online, to change the "geek" image about STEM with a special attention for girls/women and to stimulate to boost the Digital transformation of the industry, the government, the academic world.

Saskia is strongly supporting the Digital Belgium Plan. Digital Belgium is the action plan, which outlines the digital long-term vision for the country and translates this into clear ambitions. On the basis of five clear, specific priorities we would like to put Belgium more firmly on the digital map. 

  • Digital Infrustructure 
  • Digital Confidence and Digital Security 
  • Digital Government
  • Digital Economy 
  • Digital Skills and Jobs 

Digitizing a society can also lead to economic prosperity. In acquiring appropriate digital skills, more people will become aware of the importance of the online economy.

Saskia van Uffelen thinks that it is absolutely paramount to make an inventory of all the existent initiatives. "We have a lot of movement in Belgium around Digital skills. With the Digital Champions Be campaign we try to make a complete inventory, regroup them and to make them more visible, rather than create new ones", she explains.

In Belgium, like many other European countries, we need to maximize for and boost all Digital Skills initiatives that can help our Belgian citizens to be part of the Digital Landscape.

We learn and develop new skills throughout our lives. Therefore, we have created DigitalChampions.Be: every Belgian must have the chance to become a Digital Champion.

This website and our team regroup the Digital Skills initiatives for kids, pupils, students and adults. Depending on the individual's needs they can get connected with the right initiative that is available in Belgium, in their region and for their interest.

In September 2015, Ms van Uffelen launched the Belgian National Coalition for Digital Skills & Jobs. Read more about it on the Digital Champions website.

Saskia van Uffelen is a member of the Governing Board of the Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition

Saskia van Uffelen on her priorities

When appointed Digital Champion in Belgium, Saskia explained her priorities and how is she planning to achieve it.