Digital Agenda for Europe: Communication from the Commission (26/08/2010): full text of the Communication in all language versions. Eur-Lex (formats: pdf, html, doc)

Digital Agenda for Europe - the full pack inclusive full press release, MEMO 'Digital Agenda for Europe: what would it do for me?' and MEMO Digital Agenda for Europe: key initiatives

Digital Agenda for Europe slideshow presentation [pdf 1MB]

Future Information Society strategy to follow i2010: summary of responses to public consultation [pdf 1MB]
See also: consultation webpage

European Broadband Communication: investing in digitally driven growth


Annual Progress Report 2011


European Digital Competitiveness report 2010

European Digital Competitiveness report 2010. European Commission, 17/05/2010

Background analysis

Position of other EU institutions and Member States on the Digital Agenda


Pre-Digital Agenda strategies for Information Society