The "Large Scale Pilot" projects (LSPs) develop practical solutions tested in real government service cases across Europe.

Many public services such as personal documents, tax claims, company registration or VAT are available online but this is not always the case across borders. Just like digital services in the private sector, cross-border digital public services are building blocks to a Connected Continent and a real Digital Single Market.

To respond as cross-border solutions, Large scale pilot projects (LSPs) have been developed and run under the ICT Policy Support Programme in five main areas: eID, eProcurement, eBusiness, eHealth and eJustice to engage public authorities, service providers and research centres across the EU.

Seven LSPs are piloting a number of solutions, or building blocks, that enable cross-border digital services in the above-mentioned policy areas. Each block consists of a number of components (common code), uses a number of standards and specifications, and all share a key characteristic: they are intended to be taken up as part of online services which make these online services ‘cross-border enabled’. To expand the LSPs and to make the building blocks re-usable in other policy areas is one of the challenges for the future in order to fully implement cross-border digital public services.

Three such LSPs are still currently running:

and four are completed:

  • epSOS - making healthcare better (video).
  • SPOCS - making business easier - has finished, and offers its Starter-Kit (video).
  • PEPPOL - eProcurement - has been transferred to the non-profit international association OpenPEPPOL AISBL to sustain the developed structures and results (video).
  • STORK & STORK 2.0 - making access smarter through a single European electronic identification and authentication area (video).

These solutions are bringing down the digital borders in Europe, many years after the physical barriers were already removed.

More information on the LSPs flyer (2013).