Cyprus’ broadband plan set strategic objectives for 2016-2020 and is aligned with the Gigabit Society objectives and the 5G Action Plan.aims for Internet coverage with at least 30 Mbps for all households and businesses by 2020. In order to achieve the Digital Agenda for Europe take-up target of 50% with at least 100 Mbps, Cyprus has adopted several demand side measures aiming at stimulating its digital economy.

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Summary of broadband development in Cyprus

The Government of Cyprus encourages the market to invest in FTTH and 5G infrastructure by providing the incentives related to regulatory certainty and measures. These steps promote cooperation between the providers of electronic communications services, close monitoring of the progress and stimulation of demand through increased e-government, eHealth and e-education services. Public investments can only be used in areas where the market fails to develop and should be carefully targeted, so that they are not a deterrent to private investments. The government is currently trying to secure additional public & private financial support for the roll-out of ultra-high speed broadband network. 

National broadband strategy and policy

Responsible authorities

Main aims for broadband development

The Digital Strategy for Cyprus was adopted in 2012 and is regularly reviewed through an Action Plan. The strategy focuses on a market-based approach where the state will only intervene directly in case private investors fail to provide the desired degree of broadband coverage and otherwise restrict itself to regulatory measures and market analysis. Regarding a technological approach, Cyprus favours the establishment of NGA networks such as a nation-wide FTTH network and 4G mobile network. The Cyprus Broadband Plan 2016-2020 was published in 2016 and updated in 2018. The plan covers broadband action plans, strategic objectives for 2016-2020 and is aligned with the Gigabit Society objectives and the 5G Action Plan.

Main measures for broadband development

  • Regulation measures: The DEC has amended the Radiocommunications Law several times to adopt EU regulations. During the last round of market analysis concerning fixed broadband markets, OCECPR has provided incentives for NGA investment. Also, OCECPR introduced regulatory measures related to the implementation of the EU cost reduction directive. Further initiatives related to increasing demand for broadband access services within the public sector, the general population and SMEs specifically, are being promoted and implemented by DEC and OCECPR.
  • Financial measures: Funding for the establishment and expansion of broadband networks comes from European Union sources, investments by telecommunication operators and, if necessary, by the state itself.

Data on broadband development and technologies in Cyprus

For the latest data on broadband coverage, subscriptions and penetrations, coverage of different broadband technologies and costs check the scoreboard reports and the country reports of the Digital Economy & Society Index (DESI).

Spectrum assignments for wireless broadband

For details on harmonised spectrum assignments consult the study on spectrum assignments in the EU.

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Contact information

BCO Cyprus (national Broadband Competence Office): Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy; Department of Electronic Communications (Υφυπουργείο Έρευνας, Καινοτομίας και Ψηφιακής Πολιτικής; Τμήμα Ηλεκτρονικών Επικοινωνιών)

Address:  Department of Electronic Communications, E902, Strovolos, Cyprus
Contact via email
Phone: +357 22814875

Office of the Commissioner of Electronic Communications and Postal Regulation (ΓΕΡΗΕΤ/OCECPR)

Address: Ilioupoleos 12, Nicosia 1101, Cyprus
Contact via email
Phone: +357 22693000

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