The SRCR Library contains key articles, research papers, documents and case studies on self- and co-regulation. It may be searched by keywords or author's name, and filtered by publication date.
  • Mapping and analysis of the current self- and co-regulatory framework of commercial communication aimed at minors

    The report provides an overview of self- and co-regulatory instruments regarding advertising formats aimed at children.
    Valerie Verdoodt, Ingrid Lambrecht and Eva Lievens
  • Self-Regulation: a False Promise for Public Health?

    The briefing prepared by the the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) looks into the topic of self-regulation and voluntary commitment schemes in the area of health policy.
  • EFF European Code of Ethics for Franchising

    The EFF European Code of Ethics for Franchising is the franchising industry’s self-regulatory code, designed for all stakeholders in the franchise industry in Europe, franchisors and franchisees in particular, looking for guidance on best practice in franchising relations.
    The European Franchise Federation (EFF)
  • The Imperative of Code: Labour, Regulation and Legitimacy

    The authors discuss the topic of co-regulation of digital platforms in conjunction with user generated content.
    Shenja van der Graaf and Eran Fisher
  • A Sieve that Does Hold a Little Water – Gambling Advertising and Protection of the Vulnerable in the UK

    This article analyses the regulation of gambling advertising in Great Britain, highlighting limits of self-regulation.
    Julia Hörnle and Margaret Carran
  • Towards a “New Approach” in European Consumer Law: Standardisation and Co-Regulation in the Digital Single Market

    This short editorial considers how harmonized standards and co-regulation could be used as a regulatory tool in the Digital Single Market.
    Christoph Busch
  • The Future of Self-Regulation is Co-Regulation

    The author argues that self-regulation in the form of voluntary codes has not been fruitful and that the transition to co-regulation, especially in the US, should be made.
    Ira Rubinstein
  • Double Deference in Administrative Law

    The author analyses self-regulatory organizations (SROs) - private organizations comprised of specific industries that formulate binding law to regulate themselves – in the U.S. context.
    Emily Hammond
  • Can Codes of Ethical Conduct Work?: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Privatised Corporate Governance in a World of Political and Economic Convergence

    The research chapter examines the effectiveness of codes of ethical corporate conduct devised to enhance the regulation of corporate behaviour of transnational corporations.
    Shefali Virkar
  • Survey on the CoP pilot phase (2013-2016) | result

    In order to take stock of experiences with the CoP pilot phase, a survey was carried out among involved stakeholders. The result of this exercise is reported in this document.
    Nicole Dewandre (DG CNECT, European Commission)