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Sunne municipality and Telia have a unique collaboration. In 2011 they signed a letter of collaboration to bring fibre to Sunne. In 2017, the collaboration went to the next level. Telia will bring future-proof digital infrastructure to Sunne. The old copper network will be fully replaced with fibre and mobile networks by 31 January 2019. This will give Sunne a digital infrastructure that is ready for the ever-increasing demand for speed and capacity. But more importantly it will give Sunne a digital infrastructure that will enable people and businesses to grow. But the challenge lies in maximising the value of this technology, by educating the people in how to use it. This is not a challenge only in Sunne, but in all of Sweden. Telia’s educational concept “More Digital” is addressing this issue. 12 year-olds teach seniors how to become "More Digital". This concept is launched in Sunne as part of the journey to make Sunne the first digitally future-proof municipality. Research carried out by University of Skövde, on the spot in Sunne, suggests that this programme can play a key part in helping seniors take the step to become "more digital".

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Jörgen Secher
Telia Company
Project Manager