Description / Explanation

Val d'Oise Ultrafast Broadband Project is carried through two Public Initiative Networks : Debitex and Vortex. These aim to provide FTTH and FTTO services in areas of Val d'Oise Department, where operators are not to deploy without public subsidies. These two Public Initiative Networks are both operated under a concessive model. Debitex was awarded in 2009 to SFR, which then created a subsidiary "Debitex Telecom" dedicated to the Project implementation and operation. Vortex has been awarded in 2016 to TDF, which then created the subsidiary "Val d'Oise Fibre" dedicated to the Project. These two Networks will deploy FTTH connection to over 123 000 sites, including 108 000 houses and 15 000 businesses and public sites. They also allow FTTO services, especially in business parks and for business and public sites, which are located close to the networks’ backbone. Through these networks, local authorities have been able to constitute their own dedicated networks, for example for the interconnection of public sites and the development of CCTV. 80% of the deployments are completed, and the remaining 20% are expected to be finalised in 2020.