To improve quality of life, sustainability and economic opportunities through digital support for connected and automated mobility and cities and communities of the future, focusing on applications and systems and an integrated approach to digital policy, Research and Innovation and deployment support. With a view to maximising the contribution of digital policy and digital technologies we coordinate and integrate the DG's contributions in the interface with the relevant sectoral policy DGs on topics such as connected and automated driving, smart energy, and stakeholders partnerships such as the European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities to jointly realise EU objectives. In particular we focus on a mutually fruitful interplay with the relevant societal challenges and LEIT/ICT in Horizon 2020, and the linkage to related digital areas such as cybersecurity, digital privacy, healthy living, public services.

The unit cooperates with DG Mobility and Transport and DG Energy.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Eddy Hartog


+32-2-29 90084