Description / Explanation

In response to the growing demand for faster broadband connections by businesses and households in the rural area of Noordoostpolder, the municipal government of Noordoostpolder, assisted by consultancy firm Stratix carried out a study showing that it could be commercially feasible for an operator to roll out a fibre-to-the-home network to all underserved homes and businesses in the rural area of Noordoostpolder without receiving state aid. A market consultation procedure carried out by the municipality Noordoostpolder confirmed the willingness of operators to roll out a high speed broadband network in the rural area without state aid. Through a transparent selection procedure that followed, interested operators were requested to provide their business plans. The municipality promised to promote the winner(s) as ‘most feasible option for the future’ in a demand aggregation process, but no state funding was given or promised. A newly established local operator FiberFlevo was selected as the winner. In order to make a healthy business case, FiberFlevo charged a one-off connection fee from end users and a participation threshold of 60% during the demand aggregation phase. FiberFlevo carried out a successful demand aggregation process with the support of the municipality Noordoostpolder and completed the roll out of the FTTH network in March 2018.