Description / Explanation

Place: Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Announced in September 2010, Superfast Cornwall plans to bring superfast next generation broadband (FTTP and FTTC) to a minimum of 80% of premises by 2015. The programme also plans to bring fiber-based faster broadband and provide an uplift to existing speeds for premises outside the fiber footprint. Existing broadband services in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly are almost exclusively provided over BT’s current infrastructure except for a small amount of competition from cable operator, Virgin Media, in the far east of the county. Local loop unbundling is present at 22% of the exchanges. Types of services: Generic Ethernet Access (FTTH/FTTC): the product that most closely provides the service flexibility of local loop unbundling, and is provided by Openreach Wholesale Broadband Connect: a managed service with BT wholesale actively managing the bandwidth and other elements. It is an evolution of existing broadband services White Label Managed Service: provides end-to end service management for service providers