Description / Explanation

In 2010, a small team of young people stemming from Sarantaporo village, opposite Olympus mountain (central Greece), set forth to showcase to their fellow villagers the webpage they had built for their village. It was then when they realized that the village had no internet access (the core team members are not permanent residents in the area) since the telcos had small or no financial interest in investing in telecommunications infrastructure in the area. That was the starting point for the core team in collaboration with the local community to design and deploy the Wireless Community Network, which has since expanded to 11 villages in the region. Aims: - create development opportunities for the local economy - improve quality of life for local communities - enhance social cohesion - provide incentives for locals to age in place - restrain young people’s migration to urban centers - provide equal opportunities for locals towards digital citizenship - bridge the digital divide in rural areas - expand the idea of a community network in other areas of Greece Objectives: - build awareness on the benefits and pitfalls of the Internet - empower locals to use ICT & Internet technologies - educate & train locals via workshops and train-the-trainer sessions - deploy the community network’s infrastructure - engage locals and local champions in each village by building the Community in the Community Network - communicate the CN’s life to the general public - collaborate & work with other CNs globally