Unit B4 develops policies to ensure that Member States efficiently manage and use harmonised spectrum relevant to innovation and the internal market, in priority fields for Union policy such as e-communication and broadband internet access, the Internet of Things, satellite communications and earth monitoring, intelligent transport and other sectors to the extent relevant for the internal market. Unit B4 leads technical harmonisation work in the field of spectrum under the Radio Spectrum Decision, spectrum policy development in collaboration with the Radio Spectrum Policy Group and monitors effective assignment of spectrum. Unit B4 coordinates relations with the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and is involved across the DG in framing other aspects of CONNECT policy, research and regulation.

As part of the implementation network led by unit B2, unit B4 directly monitors implementation in Member States and contributes to the DSM implementation report in coordination with Directorate F.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Andreas Geiss


+32-2-29 59466