The Radio Spectrum Policy Group is a high-level advisory group assisting the Commission in the development of radio spectrum policy in the Community. Its members are representatives of Member States and the Commission.

Members of the advisory group

The Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) was established under Commission Decision 2002/622/EC as one of the actions following the adoption of the Radio Spectrum Decision 676/2002/EC. In 2009, the remit of the RSPG has been extended as a result of the adoption of the regulatory framework for electronic communications (Commission Decision 2009/978/EU).

The members of the Group are representatives of the Member States and of the Commission. In addition, representatives of the EEA countries, the candidate countries, the European Parliament, the European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations (CEPT) and the European Telecommunications Standardisation Institute (ETSI) attend as observers.

The RSPG's role

The RSPG contributes to the development of a Radio Spectrum Policy in the Community that takes into account not only technical parameters but also economic, political, cultural, strategic, health and social considerations. The high-level advisory group also considers the various potentially conflicting needs of radio spectrum users with a view to ensuring that a fair, non-discriminatory and proportionate balance is achieved. According to the new remit, the RSPG can also be requested by the European Parliament and/or the Council, in addition to the Commission, to issue an opinion or write a report on specific Radio Spectrum Policy issues relating to electronic communications.

The RSPG adopts opinions, which are meant to assist and advise the Commission on Radio Spectrum Policy issues, on coordination of policy approaches and, where appropriate, on harmonised conditions with regard to the availability and efficient use of radio spectrum necessary for the establishment and functioning of the internal market.


The RSPG consults extensively on technological, market and regulatory developments in the context of EU policies, transport and research, and development. RSPG consultations are addressed to both commercial and non-commercial radio spectrum users, as well as interested parties.

The current activities and the deliverables of the Group are published on the RSPG website.

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