Description / Explanation

The Digital Poland Project Centre organised calls for proposals in order to cover the whole Polish territory with high speed broadband infrastructure and connect white spots in remote areas. The maximum amount of public funds in these calls for proposals could reach up to EUR 913.5 million. Telecommunication operators were supposed to connect at least 1 125 613 households and 11 612 schools situated all over Poland. Finally, 83 projects were selected, and as a result telecommunication operators will connect all schools located in project areas (11 612) and 1 777 816 households (which is more than 13% of all households and 50% of all white areas in Poland) for EUR 815.5 million of public grants. The schedule is to deliver access to high speed broadband network to schools by 2020 and households by 2021. The project's main aim is to improve territorial cohesion in rural remotes areas. More than 1.7 million households in excluded areas without any prior broadband internet access or poor services will be provided with a high speed network, which will bring new opportunities for communication, work, education and culture in remote areas. More than 68% of all households in project are situated in places with less than 5000 habitants. This project is part of a national e-education programme to promote equal opportunities for all children in Poland and will foster a new style and quality of learning.