Description / Explanation

The Basque Government, in conjunction with the three Provincial Councils of the region, launched a series of ultrafast broadband extension aids for private operators. The main objective of this project was to expand ultrafast broadband services in to rural areas where the deployment of these networks is infeasible in itself. These programmes reduce the gap between rural and urban areas in terms of connectivity, helping to slow down the relocation of businesses and rural flight. These actions are under the umbrella of the Basque Digital Agenda 2020. As a result of these ultrafast broadband extension programmes, rural areas and industrial estates across the Basque Country will have access to the same ultrafast broadband services and prices that telecom operators offer in urban & competitive areas. Thus, relocation of businesses and rural flight due to poor connectivity will minimize. In total, more than 5000 businesses and 70 000 households benefit from these measures, which is a further move towards making the digital Europe a reality.