Description / Explanation

Gotland has paved the way for the roll-out of fibre to all houses in a rural region with scattered settlements, by boosting the household interest to join the fibre and by keeping the costs low. By the end of the project, every house on the island of Gotland will have been offered connection to the fibre network. In order to make it attractive, at least 85% of permanent residents and approx. 50% of summer residents were required to join. The network itself is robust and pre-designed for future redundant connections between the local parishes: all nods should have a 4+4 hour battery back-up and an additional diesel-power generator for areas with many power cuts. The inhabitants should be offered alternative services but at least one alternative should be a 3Play connection at the best price on the Swedish market (EUR 29.9 fixed price 10 years). An alternative connection model was created for summer residents: a competitive price to be paid only during the periods they stay on the island. One of the goals of this project was to attract several major telecom actors to compete on a market of 57 700 inhabitants in the Baltic.