The European Commission will select the most relevant proposals for the Networking sessions. The proposals must be submitted, in accordance with the qualitative criteria and in function of the time and facilities available during the event.




1. Scope and Relevance


Is there a clear ICT objective and is it relevant to one or several of the challenges or actions of Horizon 2020 or EU ICT policies, notably the Digital Agenda and the Innovation Union?

Does it address a new challenge within Horizon2020, e.g. innovation oriented or making use of the new instruments offered by Horizon2020 (SME instrument, prizes, etc.)?

2. Stakeholders, Commitment and Endorsement

Which stakeholder communities are being concerned by this topic, and how will their concerns be represented in the networking session?

How can you ensure sufficient endorsement and participation from the conference attendees?

3. Impact and Added Value

What difference can the session make to European research and innovation?

What is the added value of organising it within the context of ICT2013?

Is there a link to other sessions in the programme?

The European Commission will provide a meeting room and make arrangements concerning the scheduling and attribution for networking sessions.

Networking sessions will take place at the venue of the ICT 2013 Event on 6-8 November 2013.

How to submit a Networking Session Proposal and Deadline for submission?

Complete the online form and submit it before the 10th of May 2013 (16:oo).

What happens then?

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt for your proposal after the deadline. We will then evaluate the proposals received in accordance with the selection criteria outlined above and communicate the outcome to all proposers by 30 August 2013. The final program of the networking sessions for ICT 2013 will be published on this website in early autumn 2013.

Contact if you need further information about the sessions:

n.b.: The European Commission reserves the right to change any of the above without prior notification of potential proposers.

13 March 2013
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9 May 2017
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