Radio spectrum management is a clear responsibility of the EU's Member States. It is national authorities who implement national policies on spectrum management. These policies and management practices reflect European and international harmonisation and technical agreements.

Implementing mechanisms for radio spectrum management vary from nation to nation across Europe but all must comply with European decisions in this area and report back on progress on harmonisation issues.

In some EU Member States, aspects of spectrum management are devolved to regional authorities, while others retain exclusive control for all radio spectrum at the national level.

A table of all responsible national authorities in Europe is available. This list includes all nations that contribute to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG), including observer nations.

Monitoring compliance

The various national authorities are responsible for allocating appropriate frequency bands in their own country. Such allocations must comply with EU decisions and directives on harmonisation and technical issues, as well as legal obligations on competitiveness and completion of the single market.

The national authorities must provide information on the allocation, availability and use of radio spectrum within their territory to the European Commission in a timely and coordinated manner.

National bodies are obliged to regularly report progress on harmonisation in the area of authority to the EU.

The library contains information about current implementation in the countries of the EU.

International involvement

It is the national authorities that are the voting members of the international bodies, such as the World Radiocommunications Conference (WRC), and therefore must pursue agreed European common positions in international agreements.

The European Commission can act as a participatory observer in international discussions but has no voting rights. It is the votes of individual Member States that ensure that European policy and management strategy is reflected in global agreements.

The national authorities responsible for radio spectrum management for the 27 European Union Member States are listed in our links section. For further information on a particular authority visit the appropriate website.