MARS stands for Mobile Agricultural Robot Swarms. Or in other words, it stands for agriculture of the future. As a team, MARS robots collaborate in a completely autonomous and efficient way to plant corn.


Precision Farming - Thinking ahead

They are mobile, cloud-controlled, noumerous and completely autonomous.

Through the exact record of each individual plant, farm operations over the entire crop production cycle can be carried out with outstanding precision. The MARS concept allows significant savings of fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and energy while delivering more sustainable yield for a growing global population.

Fewer sensors, robust control units and a clear hardware structure make each individual MARS robot extremely reliable and productive. At the same time, the use of a large number of small, identical robots operating in a swarm enables smooth running of the job, even in the event of the failure of a single unit.

Their light weight results in a high level of safety and negligible soil compaction. And MARS robots are ready for operation, all around the clock. These aspects combine to make field robotic systems a very attractive alternative for the farmer of the future.

A 3D model of the robot will be exhibited from 25-29 April 2016 in the EU Pavilion (Hall 7, stand E04) at Hannover Messe. Experts from FENDT, the SME behind this robot, will explain the concept of small and cloud controlled robots.
The visitors will have the opportunity to use the MARS-App to connect to the Cloud, just like the farmer of the future will do, to plan the seeding task and monitor the current status of the (virtual) robots. Slideshows and videos will give a detailed insight into the project content and current status.