This explorative study maps the different approaches to self- and co-regulation in global, EU and national context. It was undertaken for the European Commission (DG Connect) by a researchers’ team from Utrecht University/RENFORCE (the Utrecht Centre for Shared Regulation and Enforcement in Europe).

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Friday, 13 March, 2015
Prof.Dr. L.A.J. Senden, Dr. E. Kica, M. Hiemstra, LL.M and K. Klinger, MA

This report presents a first mapping or inventory of the different approaches to self- and co-regulation (SCR) that can be found within the EU context, in a number of Member States (MS) and international organizations. The report consists of four sections. Whereas the first section provides an introduction to the study, Section 2 provides a detailed overview of the EU approaches to self- and co-regulation. It reflects on the extent to which the Commission considers the use of SCR as a suitable option to improve the quality of European legislation and policy-making, and contribute to achieving the goals of the Better Regulation and Smart Regulation policies. This section also explores the definitions given to SCR under these policies as well as the conditions that are set for their use. Where possible, conclusions are drawn as of whether these policies reflect a changing approach to the use of SCR.

SR/CR, inventory