Description / Explanation

Four local communities in the rural area of Hamminkeln took matters in their own hands. The objective: Getting next-generation internet access - FTTB. Biggest challenge: Low population density, hence expectable high cost for civil engineering. The main idea: Cutting cost dramatically by doing most of the civil engineering work themselves. Using a well-proven approach regionally known as "Loikumer Glasfaser Modell" the local communities partnered with a utility company (Stadtwerke Rhede) to build a solid business case together. Thereby, 230 households, farms and small businesses were connected via FTTB in less than 12 months. The project was implemented without any form of public aid, but with outstanding civic commitment and lived solidarity. It is a textbook example for the principles of the "Loikumer Glasfaser Modell", that was used to realize more than 5.000 FTTB-enabled homes, farms and businesses in the rural areas across North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany since 2013.