Description / Explanation

City of Rivierenwijk, Deventer: Precondition was broadband for all schools provided earlier by local authority (later covering network for households as well). Set up of network of wi-fi access points. 140 (later 195) net-books for every pupil 8-12 years old. Usage of modern software with direct feedback for time-efficient exercises for at least 4 x 10-15 minutes a day. Virtual learning environment for sharing files and links. In 2012 all applications in the cloud (server exit). Now also i Pads, android and window-tablets, for pupils from 3 years up. Extra emphasis on language skills, matching the needs in this deprived area. At the moment transition towards share-point-platform and usage of IT for differentiation between learning levels. Daily massive usage of broadband-connection by various primary school classes at the same time.