The Unit is the centre of competence for Internet of Things (IoT), responsible for the policy, research, standardisation, adoption and take up of IoT and new business models stemming from the IoT, ensuring the competitiveness of the European industry. The Unit advances strategic and policy issues around numbering and addressing, promotes and implements soft law and/or legislative initiatives relevant to IoT in the context of the DSM, including IoT liabilities, a Trusted IoT label, IoT platforms, IoT standardisation. It fosters the development of IoT innovation ecosystems and promotes global cooperation. The unit is in close collaboration with stakeholders such as the Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI) and is working in industrial partnerships in the context of steering, exploiting and reinforcing the impact of the research and innovation programme, Horizon 2020. The Unit coordinates research activities in the area. It manages a set of relevant projects from the first Call on IoT and all the Large Scale projects of the IoT Focus area, leads the standardisation processes associated to IoT and ensures the promotion of a holistic perspective covering multiple verticals, such as automotive, healthcare, smart cities, smart agriculture, etc.

Responsible Person

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Head of Unit
Max Lemke