To improve health and well-being, quality of life and work in general and with specific attention for ageing, and economic opportunities by combining digital policy, Research and Innovation, and deployment support in health, wellbeing and demographic change. The aim is to support innovative digitally-enabled solutions and policies for people to enjoy healthy and independent living, relevant organisations and public sector to deliver high-quality and efficient health and care services including personalised medicine, and market players in Europe to reap business opportunities. The unit leads in close interplay with other DGs on e-health and 'silver economy and society' strategy. It coordinates the cooperation with stakeholders such as through the European Innovation Partnership and formal presence in the eHealth Network related to the Cross-border Patients Directive, and board membership of the Member States-led AAL Innovation Programme. The unit provides for liaison in these areas with LEIT/ICT, Excellence (including the European Science Cloud) and co-chairing of the Health, Well-being and Demographic Change Societal Challenge of Horizon 2020. With health and ageing being global challenges the unit supports important international cooperation on the digital dimension.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Marco Marsella


+32-2-29 32750