To advance the quality and innovation of public administrations and accelerating the large-scale public sector and private sector use of trusted identification and trust services in the digital single market by leadership in the e-Government agenda and in eIDAS; we enable better quality, more efficient and user-centric services across the digital single market. We combine legislation and soft policy, Research and Innovation, and deployment support including the implementation and review of the e-government Action Plan, and the implementation and periodic review of the eIDAS Regulation. We play a leadership role in reaching out and coordinating with other DGs to promote the transformative impact of the e-government and eIDAS agendas in their policy areas and relevant sectors. We also support the co-chairing of the Innovative, Inclusive Societal Challenge of Horizon 2020 and coordinate the e-government related DSIs in the Connecting Europe Facility.

Responsible Person

Acting Head of Unit


+352 4301-35460