The programme edu4IT was developed and maintained by SRCE.

Target groups are IT workers (system administrators) at higher education institutions and research institutes in Croatia as well as other individuals interested in ICT from professional aspect.

Programme is delivered through four levels: System administration 1, 2, 3 and 4, being level 4 the highest and most advanced level of the program, covering topics related to the design, optimization, control and automation of systems as well as advanced topics in computer networking and database administration. Duration of each level is between 3 and 6 months.

The edu4IT programme consists of courses and webinars but also has supervised exam at the end of each course as well as final assignment at the end of the each level. After completing all prerequisites at each level, participants receive certificate and electronic badge. This programme is also modular, giving participant opportunity to attend each course or exam separately.

The main characteristic of the programme is that the courses are organized in blended learning mode (combination of online and f2f learning) thus is provides time flexibility for participants.

At the moment, SRCE organizes first level (System administration 1) of the programme edu4IT. Other levels are in the developing stage.

This initiative addresses the need for continual professional development in the very propulsive field like ICT.

Success factors

The key factors are:

  • the need for continuing professional development
  • modularity of programme, possibility to adjust to the needs of participants
  • delivery mode of programme: blended (online and f2f).

Organization details

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University Computing Centre (SRCE)
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