If you are looking for the most exciting and crucial, yet toughest challenge of the Digital Agenda for Europe, look no further. It’s the completion of the Digital Single Market.

Annalisa Deluca, animator of the online discussion for DAA

What does it mean? It means removing barriers to transactions which take place online. These barriers may be legal – when the legal framework is not "friendly" for innovative services to grow, economic – when there is a need to redefine business models, or other. 

But the game is worth the effort. Consider this: Online audience is growing at staggering rates even in those countries that are plagued by the economic and financial crisis, such as Italy, where growth is almost 15%. This is corroborated by the fact that, with digital literacy going up, European users today spend more time online on average (26.9 hrs) than the rest of the world (24.7 hrs).

Online and mobile video audience in Germany, France, UK, Spain & Italy ("EU5") grew by 5% and 162% respectively in 2012. Overall, in the EU5 158.9 million viewers watched online videos over one single year.

It is no surprise, then, that the industry is experiencing remarkable growth rates in online-service subscriptions, online retail and rental of movies and TV content (see graph – source Miptv-Mipcom).

According to Miptv-Mipcom, online TV revenue is forecast to double over the next five years in the big five European markets, exceeding $2bn in 2016.

Consumers are there, ready to pay for content and buy goods online. There is tremendous opportunity for European entrepreneurs out there! In particular for SME's, which make up over 99% of companies in Europe.

But before the consumer can buy online, the entrepreneur needs to invest. Whether is about setting up a website by an SME or getting licences to offer streaming music service, it costs! Before being able to harvest digital economy, companies need to make investments.

These are the issues which we will discuss during the workshop. If you are interested in digital economy, if you have an e-shop or you buy music online, or maybe don't buy because of […] you are warmly welcome to join the debate  already today.

Life webstraming of the discussion will be available at: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/digital-agenda-assembly-2013


Day 1: A Social TV Documentary from André-Pierre du Plessis on Vimeo.

18 June 2013
Last update: 
9 May 2017