The unit is responsible for tracking progress and evaluation of the implementation of reforms to boost competitiveness, economic growth and social development One of the main tasks includes the development of an annual DSM implementation report setting out progress made by Member States in parallel to the European Semester in cooperation with different DSM country teams. For this purpose the unit is collecting and analysing socio-economic data leading to the annual publication of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI). The unit coordinates DG Connect cooperation with DG COMP in regard to state aid schemes as well as merger and antitrust cases in the digital sector. The unit assesses and defines policies in close cooperation with DG EMPL and DG EAC on the impact of digital developments on work, on labour markets and on societies at large. More specifically, it analyses digital skills mismatches for the labour force and for effective participation in society, and formulates policy proposals to anticipate developments and address mismatches, notably through targeted skills development. Within the DG, it is responsible for the Grand Coalition for digital jobs and for the network of national coalitions, including exchanging of best practices and promoting concrete actions. It identifies and promotes the use of digital technologies to address employment and education challenges. Its policy design shall contribute to the modernisation of education and to the skills policies of the Commission. The unit is also responsible for developing policy on social inclusion in digital, including gender inequalities and challenges for the disabled.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Fabrizia Benini


+32-2-29 66417