The unit works along the data-value chain to provide a legal and political framework that allows public authorities, companies and citizens to make the most of data in all sectors of the economy and many aspects of society. It supports the creation of a European data economy in the Digital Single Market. The unit addresses the barriers that impede the creation of a European data economy, namely by enhancing access to and reuse of several types of data: public sector, publicly funded, research and private sector data. This unit is home to the Directive on the re-use of public sector information (PSI Directive) which advances the Commission's open data policy. The unit also ensures the correct implementation of the PSI Directive and supports the use and re-use of public data for example through the Pan-European Open Data Portal. The unit promotes the emergence of an ecosystem comprising all the players of the data value chain. It steers together with industry the strategic research and innovation agenda within the big data Public Private Partnership. Through H2020, the unit funds new BD technologies such as Privacy Preserving Technologies; looks at possibilities to use data in new contexts to be more efficient or to tackle societal challenges, such as for example in DataBio or in Transforming Transport; or funds incubators that help start-ups develop and enter the EU market by using open data, such as ODINE, or business data, such as Datapitch.

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Yvo Volman


+352 4301 42121