Description / Explanation

Islands in Croatia are mostly part of the rural, white NGA areas, covered mostly by wireless networks with limited fast Internet coverage. One of the main challenges is separation from the mainland, as a common fibre solution for connecting the mainland with islands by using submarine cables requires high investments. Therefore, Vipnet implemented an alternative cost-efficient mainland-to-island multi gigabit connectivity by using micro waves with excellent coverage. The scope of the project was primarily to provide multi gigabit connectivity from mainland to remote island areas of Rab and Cres in Croatia by applying hybrid solution of using optical links and microwave radio links. By combining the existing optical network and modern radio relay technologies, gigabit electronic communications capacities are transmitted to remote islands and provide comparable performance to those achieved by optical broadband infrastructure. The internet was first introduced to the island of Krk by optical infrastructure, then a multi gigabit signal was transmitted to the islands of Rab and Cres by using by using microwave radio links that ensure high capacity backhaul network for the LTE radio access network.