The unit is responsible for the overall strategy and policy development in relation to the digital economy, in particular following the implementation of the Digital Strategy and relevant aspects of the European Green Deal, as well as analysing global market and technology developments, providing geostrategic perspectives and, as appropriate, legal advice. The Unit also contributes to policy development in the area of circular electronics, and on the twin transition of sustainability and digital. As part of its global outreach, it is responsible for devising and implementing policy and projects to promote technological sovereignty and alignment with EU rules outside the EU. With  a focus on policy development, it engages with coordinating Member States on possible policy options (e.g. through the DSM Strategic Group), with the European Parliament and stakeholders (e.g. through the Digital Assembly), and is responsible for preparation and coordination of briefings and speeches relating to the Commission’s digital strategy. The unit also contributes to country-desk work in relation to the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF).

Responsible Person

Head of Unit
Martin Bailey


+32-2-29 69176