Since 2008, SIA Lattelecom has been implementing the project "Connected, Latvia!, which aims to reduce the digital divide in society and to prevent certain groups of social exclusion, promoting computer literacy learning. Barriers to use ICT not only reduces the population in the labour market, but also one of the main causes of social exclusion - prevents access to an important part of the information space, limiting the possibilities of social communication and the opportunities to use the new technology services and assistance.

Within seven years of trainings have taken place almost throughout the Latvian territory - 79% of all Latvian authorities, the process of engaging in almost 400 schools and other educational institutions teachers. The need to learn new skills throughout their lives showed seniors age from 50 up to 95 years. Every third party study of computer and internet usage mastered the pre-retirement age, the skills acquired will help the labour market.

Success factors

According to data of Central Bureau of Statistics data of the Republic of Latvia, the growth of computer literacy skills across old generation in working age (55 - 64) in Latvia from year 2008 until 2015 has double from 26 to 59%. And in same period across seniors in age 65-74 the computer literacy skills has grown five times. This growth happened in project ongoing phase, while old generation got the chance to learn computer skills free and huge media interest payed attention to this social phenomenon – “Digital divide”.

The project earned about 400 positive publications during each year. 52% of applicants got information about the project from communication channels, but 33% was informed by relatives or friends.

Old generation got a chance to learn close to their home – the courses where organized in local municipalities – libraries and schools, in collaboration with IT teachers and librarians.

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