Description / Explanation

“Mand-ø” is located in a very rural and remote part of Denmark with small expectations to be covered with high speed broadband on commercial terms. However, as part of a screening process in connection with the Danish broadband state-aid scheme, SE/Stofa encountered a very strong active local interest for broadband. Therefore, a broadband project on “Mand-ø”, which at a first glance seemed impossible, became more feasible, however not on commercial terms. Local community volunteers gathered support for the project among inhabitants on the island, which raised expectations for very high penetration rates. Following rejection from the Danish broadband state aid scheme for large parts of “Mand-ø”, SE/Stofa chose to finish the project as a completely private project with no state aid, due to the expectations for high penetration rates. SE/Stofa has a history of engaging in broadband projects in remote areas. SE/Stofa, as a customer owned utility, has established a special fund for fibre based broadband in the SE supply area (for electrical power) where no commercial deployment is possible. Projects for this fund are only eligible if penetration rate is 60% or higher. This requirement was more than met on “Mand-ø” where SE/Stofa today has completed the project connecting all 110 houses on the island and provided broadband services for 95 houses with a penetration rate of 86%.