What have European experts come up with to improve health and care with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)? Have a look at an overview of the most current (on-going or recently finished) EU-funded projects in the field of eHealth, wellbeing and ageing.

stethoscope over a keyboard apparently auscultating.

'EU-funded Research & Innovation in the field of ICT for Health, Wellbeing & Ageing - An Overview' (regularly updated).

The projects in this online brochure can be divided in the following types:

  • Managing your health and care: These projects help patients and healthcare professionals to manage a certain condition. Or they preventively help people to stay healthy. Not just in Europe, a few projects are active in Africa.
  • Projects that innovate the health and care system and the way it works. This includes projects which are related to interoperability - meaning the ability of systems and organizations to work together ('inter-operate'). It also includes projects implemented through innovation procurement.
  • ICT solutions supporting active and healthy ageing and staying home as long as possible.

At the end of the report you will find an overview of the programs used to fund these projects in order to enable them.

For more detailed information on each project, please visit the project website mentioned herein or visit Cordis. For a selection of finished projects with successful results, please visit FromLab2Market.

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