Is it possible to fully enjoy the benefits of the digital world and stay 'anonymous' at the same time? The ABC4Trust project has developed a system that puts users' electronic identities in their hands.


The enormous opportunities people enjoy by accessing the web, to work, to buy goods and services, to get in touch with the others, to gather information, also imply they often entrust personal data to third parties. The question about what happens to the data once they are transmitted via Internet can generate concern and limits its usage. The EU policy for online privacy looks into exactly that to ensure a high standard of protection for personal data in digital communications.

The ABC4Trust places users at the heart of its system. Users receive attribute-based credentials that enable authentication and can decide which elements of their e-identity to uncover. They can limit it to the elements that are only essential for the specific transaction.

The project ran successful pilots in real-life settings in Sweden and Greece, where its partners are moving towards commercialisation of the solution.

Interested parties will soon be able to test the technology and appreciate its benefits on the IBM cloud platform - bluemix, made available by the project partner IBM Research Zurich.