Description / Explanation

Stokab was found in 1994 as a limited company 100% owned by the City of Stockholm. The city has, through Stokab, built an open and operator-neutral IT infrastructure for electronic communications, based on the idea that access to fibre infrastructure is a vital utility for the city – just like water. The goal of the Stokab model is to foster the development of Stockholm by contributing to favourable conditions for IT growth in the region. The roll-out of the fibre network has been in line with market development; the operations are based on customer demand without the involvement of public funding. Stokab is a non-vertically integrated operator who is responsible for providing dark fibre on equal terms, which creates favourable conditions for fibre roll-out and encourages a level playing field at the service level. The cost of the fibre network can thus be equally shared among multiple players. The fibre is also available for other companies and organizations, which can utilise Stokab’s dark fibre products. The company´s strategy is to purchase all the civil works and operation in full competition on the market. Today, the Stokab network consist of over 5 500 km of cable and 1.25 million km of fibre, connecting houses with 90% of the households in the municipality of Stockholm. The network is housing over 100 individual operators and service providers and more than 500 companies, public institutions and real estate owners.