Legal frameworks need to be fit for purpose in the digital environment in order to enable consumers and industry to fully benefit from digital distribution of creative content.

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Attractive content and services

According to the Digital Single Market Strategy, attractive content and services need to be made available in an interoperable and borderless internet environment. Indeed, we are witnessing an explosion of ways creative content is delivered and used (e-books, music streaming sites, video-sharing platforms, gaming applications, etc.). Nevertheless, there are important challenges to be addressed too, such as cross-border availability of services or ability of relatively smaller European players to fully exploit online distribution.

One part of our content and media policies is to improve the environment for online creative content services: through policy analysis and development as well as through research and innovation funding.

In this context, we are contributing to finding solutions to these issues:

  • the evolution of copyright and its management in the connected world;
  • the role of ICT in content management, including the improvement of availability of creative content online and consumer accessibility, also across borders;
  • the simplification of licensing processes and its transparency through the use of databases, metadata and standards.

Further to the orientation debate of 5 December 2012, the European Commission adopted on 18 December 2012 a Communication on "Content in the Digital Single Market".  It set out 2 parallel tracks of action.  First, a structured stakeholder dialogue, "Licences for Europe", that was carried out in 2013. The dialogue sought to deliver rapid progress in bringing content online through practical industry-led solutions and resulted in 10 industry pledges.  In parallel, the Commission has been working on the review of the EU copyright framework, with a view to a decision in 2014 whether to table the resulting legislative reform proposals.  An earlier Commission initiative  Directive on collective management and multi-territorial licensing of rights in musical works for online uses has already been adopted by the European Parliament and Council.