Connect with over 4500 ICT enthusiasts from different horizons (research, politics, industry, start-ups, investment, academia) participating in the Networking sessions, the Startups and Innovation Forum or being part of the group of 40 students chosen to represent their peers at ICT 2015 event.


Are you willing to debate on a particular policy, research, technological or innovation theme, in a constructive dialogue? Interested in meeting participants with common or similar topical interests with whom you could develop collaborative relationships in the future? Then the Networking sessions are the place for you!
The networking sessions are informal discussion groups organised by stakeholders participating in ICT 2015, and are open to everyone attending the event.

ICT 2015 offers many other formal and informal networking opportunities: Face2Face meetings, networking booths and “cosy corners” to sit and meet. If you wish to find a business partner, ICT 2015 is where you need to be!

For an even more focused networking, don't hesitate to consult the list of attendees who have registered so far. Read the information they provided on their profile, check which ones match your networking and business needs and send them a message to meet and network.

Startup Europe Forum

Are you interested in startups and entrepreneurship and want to find out more about measures for supporting innovative firms in Horizon 2020?

Join us at the Startup Europe Forum, a village mixing thematic sessions and networking actions aiming to provide information and services to conference attendees specifically interested in this area. We will have dedicated sessions on women and entrepreneurship, EU entrepreneurship hubs, EU support for access to finance and much more.

Students, Young Researchers and Innovators

40 outstanding students, young researchers and innovators will have the chance to represent their peers and take an active part in the ICT 2015 event. Connect with them also!


ICT 2015 - Lisbon - 20-22 October 2015