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Micro and nanoelectronics, smart embedded components and systems are fundamental developments for Europe’s future.

Did you ever wonder how it is possible that your phone allows you to take and exchange pictures or videos, find your way in unknown cities, read and write emails everywhere, listen to your favourite music and much more? And how your car tells you its fuel consumption, indicates the tyre pressure and will soon be able to call emergency services automatically in case of a severe accident? Many of these applications are possible due to the progress of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and in particular in electronics, advanced computing, processes and communications.

The latest developments in the area of organic electronics have made it possible to print electronic circuits on flexible foils, just like photos are printed; progress in photonics helps us be more energy efficient; the development of efficient embedded systems manage increased functionality and intelligence.

Europe is at the forefront of these disciplines and intends to maintain its leadership through the huge research efforts spent in the domain. Some of the activities the EU is supporting:

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