ICT4Society Café

Why contribute?

The ICT4Society Community is about CSR in the ICT industry: what is specific to CSR in ICT compared to other industry sectors? What good practices are available? What are the most urgent issues?

Community members are welcome to use the ICT4Society Cafè to present their CSR approach, their good practices and success stories, as well as to share concerns.

Your view is important: sharing it will provide benefits for the whole sector! Your contribution will:

  • Create a hub of knowledge from around the industry and the CSR world;

  • Build a thematic network that will support CSR promotion in the ICT sector;

  • Help companies, including SMEs, to lead the process towards a more sustainable, smarter Europe.

How to contribute?

Discussions will be launched from time to time by group moderators: all stakeholders are invited to contribute and comment, by describing their experience and opinions or by highlighting information, reports, events that can provide food for thought.

Moderators will be on-line at least once a day to respond to your comments or to provide more element to the discussions.

Final reports on all discussions from now until the end of 2015 will be published on the ICT4Society Cafè. They cover the People and Planet dimensions of CSR and the cross-cutting issues that relate CSR to social innovation, responsible innovation and competitiveness.

Last but not least, ICT can be an enabling technology for better, more cost-effective management of CSR, as well as for greater transparency in stakeholders’ relationship, accountability and reporting. If you know about such ICT tools, let the community and the ICT4Society Cafè know by writing to the moderators.

The R-ICT project, currently managing the ICT4Society Platform, is co-funded by a CIP ICT PSP grant and by project partners.