Broadband networks require different infrastructure types based on different logistic, economic or demographic conditions. Find the questions that will help you make the right choice.

Flow chart Guide for high-speed broadband investment: Choice of infrastructure

When deciding on the appropriate first-mile (also called last-mile) infrastructure for a broadband network, the following questions should be answered:

  • What is the existing infrastructure available? Can it be upgraded to reach the Gigabit Society objectives for 2025?
  • Is the connection to the end-user upgradeable?
  • Is the owner of the existing infrastructure interested in collaboration?
  • What are the needs of the territory in terms of type and quality of service?
  • Does the infrastructure provide affordable services for the local population and businesses?
  • How is the sustainability of the infrastructure to be assessed?
  • Is there sufficient funding for future-proof infrastructure?
  • Are there users in remote or sparsely populated areas?
  • What are the plans for the longer-term upgrade of interim-solutions?