Carla Van Steenbergen
Carla Van Steenbergen joined Materialise in 2003. Her first position, and the one she still holds to this day, was as Legal Counsel for Materialise.


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As the company’s sole lawyer until 2008, Carla quickly became versed in the opportunities and challenges related to 3D printing. Striving not to be an ivory‐tower‐legal‐counsel, Carla applied a working method of first trying to understand the wild ideas of her colleagues with the aim of striking the right balance between what they wanted and what was feasible (from legal point of view).

With her wealth of knowledge about the company and industry, Carla has also joined Materialise’s Executive Committee in addition to being Secretary to the Board of Directors. Her passion for the company and what it stands for – a better and healthier world aided by 3D printing – has recently seen her take a more public position as well. She has become one of the companies’ spokespeople, explaining the activities of the company, the unique benefits of 3D printing technology and the challenges faced by those in the industry.