In addition to the representatives of businesses, academia and research directly involved in ICT research and innovation, the Forum reflects a wider eco-system which includes entities having a say in the innovation process, market development and regulation, as well as user organisations and consumers in general.

The concept of a more widely representative Advisory Forum is reflected in the following member's profiles:

  • Technological aspects of ICT, with a strong presence of industry representatives, including well-established companies and innovative SMEs in the ICT sector.
  • Expertise in multi-disciplinary, long-term, transformative frontier research addressing activities dealing with future and emerging technologies.
  • Multidisciplinary background reflecting an ICT perspective of the societal challenges with the purpose of furthering cross-fertilisation of ideas between an application/innovation-minded perspective and the ICT "technologists".
  • ICT market development and governance actors playing a role in the dissemination and take-up of new technological developments and having an influential role in the adoption and wide deployment of new ICT-based products and services
  • Representing the views of civil society – i.e. organisations and individuals that present citizens' expectations and concerns about the role of ICT in the construction of the future specially on topics such as technology and society, education and jobs, privacy, quality of life.

The list of current members of the CAF for the two-year mandate of 2015-2017 can be found under the 'Members' tab on:

Register of Commission Expert Groups

Information about the members from the 2013-2014 mandate