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The European Commission promotes fairness and transparency for businesses on online platforms.

The regulation

The EU Regulation on platform-to-business relations adopted in July 2019 represents the first-ever rules for a fair, transparent and predictable business environment for smaller businesses and traders on online platforms.

Along with the new rules, the Commission created the Observatory on the online platform economy in order to monitor the latest trends in this sector. Platforms have to make changes before the Regulation starts to apply on 12 July 2020.

Why it matters

Platforms offer unparalleled efficiencies in access to cross-border markets and are crucial for millions of successful firms. While the gateway position of online platforms enables them to organise millions of users, it also opens the possibility unilateral trading practices that are harmful, and against which no effective redress is available for the businesses using these platforms.

Both direct harm to businesses, as well as the possibility for such harm, undermine the innovation potential of platforms.

With this regulation, the Commission delivers on this commitment to take actions on unfair contracts and trading practices in platform-to-business relations.

The Regulation is accompanied by an Impact Assessment that incorporates evidence and stakeholders' views collected during a two-year fact-finding exercise.

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