European policy makers, civil society, professional organisations and the industry have developed a European blueprint to address the challenges in innovating better health and care provisions for the ageing society.

A shared vision is essential to mobilise investment and guarantee the commitment of all actors to a digital transformation of health and care for the ageing society. A number of industrial players, regional authorities, professional organisations and multi-stakeholder platforms such as the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing, created a blueprint on the transformation of health and care in Europe.

The aim is to reach out to more than 50 regions that will invest in the implementation and/or deployment of large-scale digital solutions for health and care.

A total investment envelope of EUR 500 million of private and public investments would reach an additional 4 million citizens who will be actual beneficiaries of innovative services.

Next steps along the path to digital transformation

The goals for 2017-2018 are:

  • Developing the European innovation investment map until 2018 for digital transformation of health and care (target date: July 2017);
  • Identifying the key use cases and scenarios targeted for large scale deployment until 2018 (target date: July 2017).

infographic describing thee objectives for 2016-2018 for active and healthy ageing innovation

Champions of the blueprint

The initial organisations that contributed to the blueprint and that agree with the overall principle of developing a shared vision are called 'Champions':

Read or download the Blueprint - Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society. Contact us via email.