As part of its Futuris series, Euronews has released a short documentary about the EU-funded Sound of Vision project. Its coordinator explains what the project team has achieved so far.

The aim of Sound of Vision is to help blind people move around freely. We have developed an electronic device to be worn by a visually impaired person that continuously scans the surrounding environment and alerts them, via sounds and vibrations, to any hazards. The system is not designed to replace the white cane that blind people often use, but to complement it: they can "see" further and "look" higher, and plan their movements better as a result. However, some of our testers have become so proficient that they can use the device without the cane.

After winning the “Tech for Society” category of the European Commission Innovation Radar Prize at the end of last year, we were delighted to receive a visit from the Futuris team. Take a look at the video that they filmed.

The EU funding awarded to the Sound of Vision project enabled us to accomplish things which would have never been possible by working individually.  Talents from all over Europe complemented each other, enabling us to reach our goals.  A good example is the extensive user-centric design and testing during development. More than 45 visually impaired persons participated in this (over 1000 hours of design, training, and testing - in both laboratory and real-world environments). We are currently working towards the creation of a commercial project, which could be ready within the next couple of years.