• Deputy Director General of DG CONNECT at the European Commission

    Claire Bury

The EU-wide network of Safer Internet Centres is dedicating this week to raising awareness of Positive Online Content.

Positive Online Content is tailor-made for children to enhance their digital literacy and resilience to risks they may encounter online. Protecting and empowering children, who go online at an ever younger age, is vital in today's society. This is why I am very pleased to draw your attention to this initiative and to share some thoughts on the importance of high-quality online sources for our youngest online users.

Digital content plays an increasingly significant role in children’s education, social interaction and participation in society. We should therefore exploit its potential to enrich lessons and educational activities by taking advantage of children's curiosity and motivation to learn through digital media.

Developing digital literacy in young people from a very early age will lay the foundations for them to assess the content they find online in a critical manner. With the right tools, we can enhance their resilience to online risks and to content they may find disturbing while surfing the web. By having access to high quality content from their very first online experience, children can learn how to recognise the basic components of appropriate and trustworthy content and services.

Positive Online Content should be adapted to the target audience's capacities; it should produce positive learning outcomes and provide all the necessary tools for safe and easy navigation for the child. Such content and services should also be inclusive, respectful of their users' privacy, and designed with age-appropriate safeguards.

Digital literacy is a crucial skill not only for children, but also for parents and educators – we should all seek to develop our e-safety skills and awareness so as to make the best judgements concerning suitable online content and act as digital role models for children. Positive Online Content can equally stimulate conversations between children, parents and other actors.

I therefore invite children, parents, carers, teacher, educators, and everyone who enjoys an educational, engaging and stimulating online world, to spread the word and actively engage in creating, sharing and using examples of Positive Online Content, so ultimately everyone can thrive in a digital society.

Learn more about the Positive Online Content Campaign and specific activities for each stakeholder group.

The campaign is launched by the Safer Internet Centres under the EC's Better Internet for Kids Strategy. It also enjoys the support of the Alliance to Better Protect Minors Online, an EC-facilitated self-regulatory initiative aiming to improve the online environment for children and young people. Safer Internet Centres are funded by the EU under the Connecting Europe Facility.


25 September 2017
Last update: 
25 September 2017