In this episode of the #DigitalDigest Podcast we discuss various aspects of using advanced digital solutions to transform cities and smaller communities in the EU.

Data, data and data are the three most important ingredients that we need in order to make our cities and communities smarter and greener, says Eddy Hartog, head of Unit for Smart Mobility and Living, at the European Commission's DG Connect, in our latest podcast. However, there is more to that.

But there is more to it than just that, (thankfully, otherwise this would be our shortest podcast yet).

As our guest explains, you can put LED light in a lamppost and make it greener, or you can also put sensors on it and make it smarter. It can be as simple as that, or as complicated as building data centres, monitoring traffic and connecting everything through secure 5G networks.

Digital transformation gives decision makers, businesses and citizens more intelligence to make better decisions, but it also means we have more resource efficiency and new and innovative technology that can improve quality of life and lower our carbon footprint.

Why are digital and green two sides of the same coin? How is Digital Europe Programme set to contribute to the deployment of technologies in the EU? Do cities have the expertise they need to achieve their goals? Do they need funding? In the podcast, we also discuss good examples of making communities smarter, greener and more efficient and the “Join, Boost, Sustain” initiative that is set to find a common ‘European way’ to ensure the sustainability of cities and communities (#JoinBoostSustainEU).